Swimming. Movement memories.

by movelicious on October 26, 2012

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Childhood summers were spent in a fabulously large community pool in Germany. Our mother chatted out of sight on blankets. There were lifeguards but other than we were left alone in our watery world.

We challenged each other into difficult dives between the concrete barriers that separated the adult and kids section of the pool. Legend was that someone got stuck in that barrier and drowned. As we got older delicious dangers were tied to meeting boys in and around the pools. Sharks.

As an adult swimming in open waters always carries a bit of the scent of danger for me. There are unknown depths, jellyfish…… Still I keep doing it because I love it. And my canon balls still rock!

What are some of your summer memories? How did you like to move as a child and do you still do it?


Also . . . . . .

Listen: Swim Good by Frank Ocean. “I’ma try to swim from something bigger than me/ Kick off my shoes and swim good and swim good/ Take off this suit and swim good and swim good, good…..”

Read: Leanne Shapton, Swimming Studies  “13. Vintage blue and white floral-printed cotton suit, no label, used for recreational swimming, 2006-2009. Purchased at Portobello Market, London. Worn first in the infinity pool at Babington House. Somerset. James proposed in the pool. We swam around not knowing what to say to each other, went on a long bicycle ride, took pictures; then, later in our small attic room, we fought and decided maybe marriage wasn’t a good idea.”


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