Running, work, child care – and winning

by movelicious on October 6, 2012

1985. Phil Coppess set the course record for the Twin Cities Marathon: 2 hours 10 minutes 5 seconds.

Coppess (pictured on the left) designed his own training regimen “that dovetailed with his rotating shifts at Clinton Corn and his parenting responsibilities; he was awarded full custody of the children in a 1985 divorce. He ran 14 to 15 miles on work days, longer on his days off, carrying a palm-sized stopwatch to record each mile. “I didn’t think it was a good 20-miler unless I had gone under two hours,” he said. One day a week, he did a track workout, and on another, hills. Physical therapy consisted of weekly chiropractic adjustments.

Days, weeks, months fell into a steady rhythm of running, work and child care that others saw as grinding but Coppess found satisfying.

“The kids knew the routine — I’d go for a run or they’d go with me to the track, then we’d go out to eat,” he said. “I didn’t cook much.” (New York Times)








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