PS: Diwali. Letting go of grudges and moving on

by movelicious on November 26, 2012

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, has passed but I am still reminded of the essence of what it means:

“Diwali is about lighting a candle, not just physically, but also internally, so lighting this flame inside you to go from darkness into light and so, basically, knowledge. You’re seeking knowledge. You’re seeking to be more knowledgeable and to give up grudges from the year past, to kind of move and look ahead to a new year.” Anupy Singla on NPR.

Letting go of past grudges and moving on.


Try the Resurrection Breath

To begin, take a comfortable seat. Draw an imaginary line through the center of your body, through your brow, chin, heart, and navel. The area over your left shoulder symbolizes dying to the past, and the area over your right shoulder symbolizes letting go of the future.

Turn your head comfortably to the left, and gently blow over your left shoulder a few times, as if blowing out a candle. mentally letting go of the past. With an inhalation, bring your head back to center, sensing the moment, and then turn your head to the right. Gently blow over your right shoulder a few times, and imagine that you’re letting go of the future.

“Then come back to the center once again, the heart center, the now, the present moment,” [Lilias] Folan says. “Breathing in, let the corners of your lips turn up slightly, smile from the center of your heart, and as you exhale, say, `Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful for this moment now.” (From Yoga International by Lilias Folan adapted form Goswami Kriyananda.)

What do you do to let go?


Also . . . . .  .

Listen: Paul van Dyk, Let Go. “You’re clinging to feelings/ But you got to let go.”


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