Mangoes:Simply The Best

by movelicious on June 10, 2012

I kept hitting my head on the mangoes growing outside my door.  It happened routinely on my way to an early morning yoga class I took in the Caribbean. I assure you that the lack of breakfast and caffeine was a major contributing factor to my klutziness.

I love mangoes and I love the stories behind them. I love that people from different regions so proudly proclaim that theirs are the best. Mangos del Caney from Cuba? The best. The Bombay mango from Jamaica? The best. Alphonsos from India. The best, well, for some Indians. Some prefer the mangoes from Northern India.

Many Indians are quite passionate about mangoes. They appear in literature, so called “sari-and-mango novels,” movies, and the economic boom has contributed to a fierce competition to get to the best mangoes first.

What is it about mangoes?

history. Mangoes called “The King of Fruits” were first grown in Southeast Asia or India about 4,000 years ago. They’re hundreds of different types of mangoes. They vary in size and color. The largest mango, the Keitt, from Florida can weigh up to 4 pounds.

how to select a mango. It depends on the kind of mango you’re looking for, generally, the stem should emit a sweet smell and the fruit should be slightly soft to the touch. The skin should not be wrinkled. If all fails buy them precut at the grocery store.

how to eat mangoes. Just peel them and eat them. They’re also a great accompaniment to rice & beans. One of my yoga teachers Richard Freeman loves his mango lassi, which is a bit like a smoothie. (The lassi recipe from Food 52 might do.) And if you’re lucky find a great Thai sticky rice topped with mango. It’s delicious and is supposed to be cooling and aid digestion.

nutrition. Mangoes have lots of Vitamin C (almost 40% of your daily requirement per 1/2  a cup) and Vitamin A. (CDC) Mangoes also contain an enzyme that is supposed to help with digestion. According, to Leanne Kitchen they’re also “high in fiber,” “rich sources of betacarotene plus minerals, like potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants.”

So get up and get yourself a mango. And when traveling do not hit your head too much and make sure you have a mango. It might just be the best.


  • Aaron Fulp-Eickstaedt

    This post makes me think I’ve been missing out on a lot by not eating more mangoes… Thanks for the helpful tips on how to select them and for the information about the nutrition that’s packed into them!

  • kaila

    i cannot write much now because i have a sudden irresistable urge for mangoes….

    but what i will say – the writing is tantalizing and the voice is fun, funny and shows a little bit of ‘you’ while still imparting actual useful information. well done!! :)

  • sally

    Very nice read. Thank you!

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